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Sorry, had been trying to get this pix upright but when uploaded to the blogspot, it flipped to the side...again.
Anyway, just don't want for you to miss on this silver colored faux diamond bracelet. Length is 16 cm....and the sale is on NOW!! RM15 until end of this year only. Buy now before it reverts back to the original RM19.


Flower power bracelet.
Swarovski 0.4 cm Bicone Crystal and Faceted Crystals with Tiffany like toggle clasp. Flower comes with various colors as displayed below.
Length is 16 cm.
Price is RM17.

Siam Swarovski Bicone 0.4 cm with Red Faceted Crystal and Flower end clasp. Very sweet but elegant.
Length is 16.5 cm.
Price is RM27.


Raya Sales Continue!!

Bracelets - Original price RM35 - Discount price RM32.

Peacock Green and Lite Yellow Crystals Grade A with Golden colored Rondelle.

Unusual combination but the epitome of elegance. Very suitable for those risk taker.

Bracelets - Original price RM32 - Discount price RM29 - Sold.
Lite Yellow Crystals Grade A with Golden Colored Rondelle.
Sweet and Elegant.

Bracelets - Original price RM25 - Discount price RM22.

White and Purple Crystals Grade A with Golden Colored Butterfly Rondelle.

Sweet and innocent. ;)


As promised, new RAYA SALES.

Limited necklaces. Sales run from today (YES!! TODAY) to 14 September 2009.

Long Necklaces - Original price RM15 – Discounted priceRM13
Made from Colored Faceted Crystals grade A with Black String.
Very simple but yet stylish.

Long Necklaces - Original price RM30 – Discounted priceRM27
Made from Swarovski Bicone and Colored Faceted Crystals grade A.
Very charming...understated elegance.


Have to delete my post dated 5 May 2009 regarding the silk scarves.

The pixs are quite heavy and took ages to load.

Don't worry tho, will add the new collection of long necklaces and some bling-bling bracelets soon.

Uh, the raya is let me just inform you, the RAYA SALES is here again.

So, don't forget to check this blog soon.




New pearl bracelets design...

Very limited since I would only create 1 color each.

As below :

Purple pearls and swarovski amethyst with 2 silver colored flowers.

Peach pearls and topaz swarovski with 2 silver colored flowers.

Close up of the silver colored flowers.

Each bracelet priced at RM65, modifiable length depends on the availability of the pearls. Added/substraction of the pearls would cause minimal price changes.


May Offer!!!!

0.4 cm bicone Black Swarovsky Crystal with Diamante Rondelles Ball and Rose clasp - RM30 only. While stocks lasts. Diameter RM17 cm.

0.8 mm Swarovsky Crystal AB with Diamante Separator - RM 70 only. While stocks lasts.

0.8 mm Swarovsky Crystal AB with Diamante Separator - as worn on hand - RM 70 only. While stocks lasts. Diameter RM16 cm. Can extend with min price.

Black Faceted Crystal with Silver Plated Diamante Squaredelle - as worn on hand. RM55 only while stocks lasts.

Black Faceted Crystal with Silver Plated Diamante Squaredelle - RM55 only while stocks lasts. Diameter RM18 cm. Can extend with min price.


The Raya Sales, continues...

Green Long Necklace = RM78 (OR=RM91)
Length of the necklace is 62 cm.
Made from 0.8 cm swarovski light green pearls and 0.8 cm gold colored flower rondelles. Tied with gold colored fishhook clasp.

Swarovski pearl and crystal eye = RM44 (OR=RM51)
Diameter is 17 cm.
Swarovski cream pearl 0.8 cm, olivine swarovski crystal 0.8 cm and gold colored rondelles.
You can request the color of the swarovski pearls and crystals but upon availability of the colors. (available for crystals are only Topaz, Citrine, Dark Siam, Red, Rose),


Raya sale!

Swarovski pearl and sweet glass = RM36.00 (OR=38.50)
With button clasp = 18.50 cm. Without the clasp=about 15.5 cm.
Swarovski 0.8 cm diameter pearls with grade A class colored glass and gold colored 0.8 cm flower rondelles.You can select the color of the pearls and glass; and have two choices of the rondelles, silver and gold.


For the choices of colors for the sweet glasses.

Dual Colored Pearl bracelets.
Swarovski pearls with diameter 0.8 cm and gold colored rondelles 0.8 cm.
Size Small (S) with diameter around 13 cm = RM27 (OR=RM35)
Size Medium (M) with diameter around 16 cm = RM32 (OR=RM40)
Size Large (L) with diameter around 19 cm = RM 37 (OR=RM45)

Colors are upon requests.Samples are as below.

1) My green world - Light green and Cream swarovski with Gold colored flower rondelles.

2) Golden sunset - Bronze and Rich gold swarovski with Gold colored flower rondelles.

3) Sweet Youth - Burgundy and Rose swarovski with Silver colored flower rondelles.

4) Shades of black - Black and Silver Swarovski with silver colored rondelles.



  • Welcome to my website. This website is dedicated to feature my jewellery pieces, among the common ones are Earrings, Bracelets, Chokers, Necklace, Anklets. All of the designs are owned by me, so kindly please do not copy the designs. Most of my pieces are combinations between Swarovski Crystals and Semi Precious Stones such as Jade, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Tiger Eyes and others.

  • For swarovski pearls and crystals especially, I usually charge by the number of pieces of the items used in the creation. So, the longer the bracelet/necklace/anklet you want, the pricier it will be.

  • For one of a kind items, you can design and we would discuss on the colors and themes for the pieces.

  • I also accept restring of bracelets and necklaces, also modifications on the designs if you feel that your current jewellery pieces are not 'dashing' or 'sparkly' enough.

  • I would like to caution, that some of the creations might need between 1 week to 1 1/2 months for delivery. It is based upon availability of the items used.

  • The pictures provided here of the creations are modified to give near exact color of the items used. However, please do not hesitate to contact me if you want to see the actual creations.

  • Give me an email if you feel that you like an item and want to know the price.

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